Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has become learning, research, and community service that consistently spreads positive energy to a broad audience. Since 1964, UMM has contributed and served the Nation through education.

UMM is located in the city of Malang, the second-biggest city in East Java that has a lot of charms. Famously known for its apple harvest, this district offers a picturesque view and a wondrous atmosphere around the city. Located near Semeru Mountain and Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, this place has cool and fresh air. 

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) International Programs

Malang is also known as one of the cities of education since it has various schools and universities that have been trusted to create high-quality graduates. Numerous students who come from various regions in Indonesia and even from abroad choose Malang as a nice place for their studies.

Currently, UMM has 10 Faculties of Undergraduate Programs with 3 Diploma III Study Programs, 36 Undergraduate Study Programs, 12 Masters Programs, 5 Doctoral Programs, and 5 Professional Programs. The total number of students reaches more than 30,000 who come from within and outside the country. UMM was ranked in the 3-Star (***) QS-Stars category. In 2020, UMM became the Best Private Higher Education in East Java, according to the 4 International College & University (4ICU) rating agency.

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) International Programs

UMM is opening up all study programs for Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees for international students. Most programs are conducted in Indonesian language. However, several study programs provide special English classes, while several others provide classes held partially in English.

Here are the undergraduate study (Bachelor degree) programs which provide fully designated English class:

  • English Language Education
  • Psychology

Undergraduate study (Bachelor degree) programs that provide partial English class:

  • International Relations
  • Mathematics Education
  • Law
  • Management 
  • Accounting

Graduate study (Master degree) program which provides partial English class:

  • Psychology

Please check UMM International Relations Office (IRO) for detailed and updated information about the programs. At the UMM IRO, prospective students could ask for information about admission and any related info prior to making a study decision. Foreign students can find out all the information they need before they arrive, resolve any queries regarding academic life, obtain their UMM student card, see what activities are taking place, find out what grants are available, get help with finding accommodation, ask about the different services at the university and find out about the available language courses.

Check also this leaflet (PDF) about foreign student admission in UMM (including tuition and fees).

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) International Programs

Important Information

Please note that the information above is based on an official release in mid-2021. Always check for updates on UMM English website at https://www.umm.ac.id/en or at UMM International Relations Office (IRO). Be aware as well that not all information is available in English. Do not hesitate to contact the UMM admin or us in Studinesia through the Contact Form to get help for free.

UMM Official website is also available in Arabic language at http://www.umm.ac.id/ar

We recommend you ask the administrator of each program about all the details since not all important information is available online in English. Do call or text or email the admin about your questions or inquiries. The preferred tool is using WhatsApp, social media account, and email. Be prepared to have an admin who is not fluent in English, so speak slowly and clearly. Combine the communication with written format to avoid misunderstanding as far as you can.

Bear in mind that all Indonesian higher education institutions are able to accept international students in programs outside the ones labeled as "international programs." That means that those regular programs are held in Indonesian language, and all international students should have sufficient language capability to enter the program. Check these "Indonesian TOEFL" to get more information:

  • UKBI (Uji Kemahiran Berbahasa Indonesia/Indonesian Language Proficiency Test) - information in Indonesian or in English
  • TIBA (Tes Bahasa Indonesia sebagai Bahasa Asing/Indonesian Proficiency Tests) - information in English
  • BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia Bagi Penutur Asing/Indonesian Language for Foreigners) - information in English

Note: This page is updated regularly, please check back for the latest information