The Information Technology Masters (MTI) Program opened in 2005 under the auspices of the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia (Fasilkom UI), designed to fill the gap of the needs in the industrial and business world for professionals, with expertise in IT.

The characteristics of the MTI Program include: Emphasis on strong integration capabilities between IT application and in-depth knowledge of management and organizational strategy; The development of various characteristics of expertise in the IT field that needs deeper study related to various business sectors and industries.

Lecturing activities are carried out at the UI Campus Selemba, Faculty of Computer Building / Computer Science Center, Jakarta. Lectures are available in evening classes and afternoon classes. Evening classes are held every Monday-Friday 19:00 to 21:30 WIB. Afternoon class lectures at 14:00-16:30 WIB. Afternoon classes are only opened if the number of participants is sufficient. 

The MTI curriculum is designed for 4 semesters, but it is also possible for students to complete it in 3 semesters.

MTI Fasilkom UI in collaboration with several partners abroad, opened the opportunity for a double degree Masters program. The program is carried out with a scheme: the first year of study at MTI Fasilkom UI and the second year at partner universities abroad. Students will get two degrees (from Fasilkom UI and partner universities). Existing partners are the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), The University of Melbourne, and the University of Lancaster.

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