The Doctoral program in Electrical and Information Engineering covers science in the fields of Electricity Engineering, Telecommunications, Electronics, Computers, Control Systems & Computers, Biomedics, Software & Data Engineering, Information Technology, and Information Technology. 

This program is designed so that graduates can demonstrate their ability and research skills independently in one or more branches covered in the above fields in original research. The results of this study should also add to the repertoire of existing electrical and informatics engineering sciences or reveal new problems which, according to the rules of engineering science, can be proven in a dissertation without doubt.

Broadly speaking, the curriculum of the Doctoral Program in Electrical and Information Technology is divided into 4 stages, namely:

Stage I or Qualification Stage. At this stage, doctoral students are required to attend a number of lectures, including the Qualification Examination course. Lectures are taken to fulfill part of the requirements of the residence period and, if necessary, to prepare for the qualification examination. Qualification exams can only be done after students have registered and taken courses for a minimum of one semester. Students are declared to have completed this stage if they pass the qualification examination. This first phase must be completed within two semesters.

Stage II or Proposal Preparation Stage. At this stage, students are required to prepare a research proposal. Students are declared to have finished this stage if the proposal they compile is approved by the advisors team and declared to be eligible as a doctoral research proposal by the assessment team. This second phase must be completed by the student within a maximum of four semesters since he began the doctoral program.

Phase III or Research stage. At this stage, students conduct research and are required to regularly report their progress. At this stage also, students write the results of their research into a dissertation and into scientific papers to be published as international scientific publications.

Stage IV or Dissertation Examination Stage. At this stage students carry out examinations to defend their dissertation and perfect their dissertation writing. This fourth phase must be completed within a maximum of 10 semesters. 

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