The Computer Science Doctoral Study Program has the content to produce experts in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology who have high integrity and are reliable in developing computer science; produce various innovations to solve the problems encountered through research in the field of computer science; participate in improving the nation's competitiveness through research and education in the field of computer science while remaining grounded in morals, ethics, and manners.

The curriculum is structured in such a way that participants will have the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and experience conducting research in the field of Computer Science.

Total semester credit units (SKS) from the Doctoral Program are 48 - 50 SKS, consisting of: Compulsory Lectures (Philosophy of Science & Research Methodology) 6 SKS; Specialization Lectures (determined by Supervisors) of each 4 SKS, a minimum of 12 SKS for S2 graduates and 44 SKS for S1 graduates; and 32 SKS for Dissertations.

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 International Accreditation-
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 City / RegencyDepok
 ProvinceWest Java
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