Computer Science covers a broad scope, from theoretical and algorithmic fundamentals to cutting-edge developments in the fields of robotics, computer vision, intelligent systems, bioinformatics, and other captivating fields.

The field of work of computer science scientists can be categorized into three (Computing Curricula 2005): Designing and implementing software; Discovering new ways to use computers. For example, making robots smart, using databases to create knowledge, revealing DNA secrets; Developing effective ways to solve computational problems. For example, developing the best way to store data, send data over the network and display complex images.

Broadly speaking, the scope of the doctoral program in computer science UGM can be grouped as follows: Algorithms and Computation (algorithms, formal methods, cryptology, statistics and computing that support other interests); Intelligent Systems (methods / algorithms, uncertainties, decision support systems, natural language processing and hardware / software that allow a system to act intelligently); Software and Data Engineering (data mining, mobile and cloud computing, database, information management, software engineering for specific purposes); Electronics and Instrumentation (systems used in the measurement / detection, manipulation / processing of signals, as well as the processing and appearance of physical quantities, systems used in the measurement / acquisition of physical quantities of data); Computer and Network Systems (system software, operating systems, hardware and networks, system security).

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