Information System and Technology program was developed to anticipate the fast growing of the phenomena, problems, needs, and impact of information system to the organization and society, according to development of information technology.This program provides comprehensive knowledge, skill, and way of thinking to be creative, building the abilities to follow advancement of knowledge, technology and the dynamic of social environment.

As one of the academic field in engineering, information system and technology program includes two major academic areas related to: Planning, developing, and evaluating of system in the purpose of information management dedicated to preferred organization or in a global context for a community or society; Planning, developing, and evaluating the management of the technology used to support the system in organization or society.

Nowadays, Information system and technology become a significant and decisive factor in the dynamics of business, organization and community development. Information system and technology has become an important part of daily lives including knowledge, sciences, engineering and design, services development and delivery, operational activities and management. 

Effective and efficient uses of information system and technology become urgent to achieve business competitive advantage and to take part in acceleration and growing the community, society or even nation. Use of system and technology should be embedded in every live dimensions, business (electronic-commerce), education and learning (e-education and e-learning), medicine and health (e-health), culture, transportation, industry, tourism, collaboration activities, even entertainment. 

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