The Computer Science Program has been dedicated to offer the highest standard of computer science education since its establishment in 2001. The Program has a range of focused courses, called stream, at the undergraduate level. Each stream is aimed to build not only a strong conceptual knowledge in computer science, but also well-defined IT industry skill-sets, including General Computer Science, and Games Technology. To ensure that the skill-sets match with industry requirements, the school adopts an industry-academic program and embeds this program in different courses in the defined streams. For instance, we embed the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) curriculum in our course.

The Program is not only concerned with the academic quality of the program, but it also prepares students for their future careers by providing them with opportunities to obtain professional certifications and with work experience in internships with industry and managed internship programs. While in the internship with industry program, students spend a certain period working full time at a company site, in the managed internship the students work on the project brought by a company to the school, at the school site.

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