The program offers overseas as well as Indonesian students an opportunity to study and obtain their Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with international standard and excellent curriculum.

The IUP-CS commits to provide students with an education of the highest possible quality. There is an essential policy of the program in terms of developing a program that provides resources to help students to be competitive in pursuing their future careers. 

In line with the Faculty’s vision and mission, the general goals and objectives of IUP-CS are to: Expand and reshape portfolio of the IUP-CS’s services to higher quality and internationally competitive educational programs; Drive IUP-CS’s position in the international market of higher education in computer science; Meet international market demands for internationally oriented graduates; Strengthen the nation (especially UGM) competitiveness.

Other than the ‘A’ category accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT), the program (together with the regular program) has been accredited by ASIIN (Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering, Computer Science, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics), a certified international accreditation agency that is based in Germany. 

The double degree program can be conducted with one of the following two universities:
University of Birmingham (UoB) with the following scheme: 4 semesters in UGM + 4 semesters in UoB. The tuition fee per year (2 semesters) in UoB is about GBP 18,000 (2019). And with University of South Australia (UniSA) with the following scheme: 5 semesters in UGM + 3 semesters in UniSA. The tuition fee per year (2 semesters) in UniSA is about AUD 32,000 (2019).

 National Accreditation by BAN-PT     A
 International AccreditationASIIN
 State / PrivateState
 City / RegencyYogyakarta / Sleman
 ProvinceD.I. Yogyakarta
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